Man of the Month Fitness Model Poorna Chandran

“I am just 24-years old. Can you believe it?”

A Junior Engineer at Indian Railways, a fitness coach, and a fitness model- his powerful shoulders bulge under every suit he wears! Mujeer Pasha sits down for a chat with our Man of the Month- Poorna Chandran






You have been working out for 9 years! Do you remember your first time at the gym?

Very vividly. I was in class 10. I used to be a javelin thrower. My coach said I needed to get strong to play better, so I went to a gym. I enjoyed being at the gym- sweating, toning up, lifting weights, getting those biceps. People suddenly found me attractive. And I enjoyed all the compliments I got. My father was a bodybuilder himself, but I didn’t even think of being one.









Then what happened? How did you set yourself up to build the body you have today?
It was at the same time. I heard about a bodybuilding competition. They were going to give certificates to all participants. It got me very excited. Believe me, just for the sake of getting a certificate I enrolled. But I worked hard. I used to practice all the poses at home and then show them off at the gym. My coach was impressed. Everybody was impressed. And the competition happened. I never thought I would win. You know, I stood fourth, I was just 16 then. After that point, there was no looking back. Competitions after competitions, I wanted to get better, win more. In 2015, I participated in Mr. Junior world and I came 7th. It was a proud moment.






I am sure people drool over you. How do you handle such attention?
I enjoy it. I love when random people come up and try to strike a conversation. They give compliments, ask for tips, and I tell them. You know, when I get into long queues, people let me go first. I think this is the respect my hard work brings me. When I go out, I don’t hide my body. I wear body-hugging t-shirts and walk around. People turn their heads and stare at me, but I never stare back. If I do, they will stop and look away and I want them to look at me. So I put on my Sunglasses and keep walking with a straight face.







Since you are consistently training and participating in competitions, do you miss out on things
Big time! I am a big foodie. I can’t resist food at all. You know, Mom never eats in front of me because I am also mostly starving during competitions. I also skip going to weddings. I can’t see food and not eat. I follow a strict diet and that makes me who I am. And I totally love it.










What do you do when you are not working or working out?
I binge watch series. I get into my bed, stay up and finish several seasons together. On weekends, I go out to movies with friends. I used to enjoy parties but they are not fun anymore. I like to have my quiet time with friends or just be in my room and watch stuff I like.

What are your good habits?

I wake up early, I eat clean, I work out, I talk to people and I go to bed very early.

Last question, what do you wear to bed?
My birthday suit.

By: Mujeer Pasha

Photography: Andrew Adams

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At just 22 Vrushankh has already attained excellence in Dance – Contemporary, Jazz & Ballet. His latest performance as the charming protagonist in “Urvashi”  premiered last month in Mumbai to rave reviews, and will be staging again in February in Mumbai and across India later in 2018.

Rōmal Lāisram recently sat down with Vrushankh to chat about Dance, what drives him,  turns him on, and a few of favorite things…..


By Rōmal Lāisram.

It’s not very often that one gets to meet someone who is good-looking,  and immensely talented. I had the pleasure of being in conversation with Men of India’s Man of the Month, Vrushankh Raghatate, and here are a quick five questions that he answered:

Where are you from and why modelling?
I was born and raised in Nagpur and for most of my childhood I often considered myself to be an ugly duckling of sorts. I guess everybody wants to be a model, but not many actually pursue it. I don’t consider myself a model, really. I am a dancer. I am more inspired by fitness athletes.

What are you driven by and what do you want to do in life?
I’m driven to bring about a social change through my work. I see myself being dedicated to help people become more accepting. I see myself as a producer, director, dancer, model… all of it! I do not want to limit myself by dreaming of only fulfilling one role in life.

Do you have a motto in life?
Yes, my motto is very simple. To accept and let things be. To accept people as they are and work the best from the situations at hand. I never really chose dance, I wanted to be an astronaut – I’m not kidding. I didn’t have the aptitude for it, and so I let go and focused on the next best thing – dance. I watched a lot of dance shows and realized this was something that worked for me and well, here I am.

What attracts you to another person?
Honestly, a person’s legs. For a very weird reason though. Only someone who has worked hard and with dedication can have good thighs and calves! It shows me that they’re rooted and that they are not here to quit very easily! And that is absolutely irresistible.

What are you doing right now, beyond modelling?
I am producing an artistic contemporary production which has already been staged, called Astitva. I have written and directed another aerial production. I will be performing as the male protagonist in a play called Urvashi. I am choreographing for multiple productions and I am experimenting with cinematography and writing and producing a few songs – that’s all ??

Vrushankh reveals…

Favourite Place in India: Himachal Pradesh
Favourite Holiday Destination: Kerala, India
Personal Fashion Style: Casual; the lesser the better
Favourite Food: Pani Puri, Indian Street Snack
One Naughty Secret: I’m very very very adventurous.

Photography: Andrew Adams for Men of India.

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Catch Vrushankh in “Urvashi” coming to several Indian cities in the coming months.

Tickets available on Book My Show.


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Man of the Moment ~ Siddhant

I often get asked “why do you only shoot fit, Buff Models?”

Well they work hard to get the bodies they have, and yes they look good on camera.

But I wanted to put this misconception to rest.

A good model is more than just a fit body, it’s about having confidence, personality, and being able to project it to the camera!

Meet our Man of the Moment ~ Siddhant!

A perfect example of that!

Someone who is confident with the current body he has and not afraid to express himself in front of my lens!

Follow Siddhant on Instagram: @sidsotravel

Photography – Andrew Adams: instagram:

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December Man of the Month Akash

December, It’s the season for giving so this year Men of India is in the spirit of the season.

We were overwhelmed with the response to our Man of the Month/ Man of the Moment Contest and were thrilled to give not 12 but 16 lucky winners photo shoot and feature in our upcoming 2018 monthly features.

Stay tuned to see who the lucky winners were.

And on that note we have a special gift for all our loyal followers.

Our December Man of the Month Akash.

Akash from Mysore recently place in the top finalists in the Peter England Mr India Contest.

All wrapped up in these beautiful lungis from Vimor Sarees in Bangalore.

Photographed by: Andrew Adams.

Stylng by: John Karoza.

Wishing you all the best the season has to offer and look forward to seeing you back in the New Year.

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Man of the Moment ~ Nijin

Say hello to our Man of the Moment. Nijin.

Standing a statuesque 6’3” tall, with a lean chiselled physique.

He’s runway, and print perfect!

Here’s a few of our fav images from his first shoot,

Exclusively shot for Men of India.

By Andrew Adams

All the best Nijin!

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No Shave November

No Shave November.

Instead of one Man of the Month we bring you our annual tribute to the natural Indian Man. We are sorry to see it over but we have been inspired to let the game of Men continue all throughout the year. What do you think?

Here’s a few of our Favorite Bearded Indian Men. Who’s your Fav?

Model – Pranav

Model: Shaan

Model: Manish

Model – Raahul



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At least that’s what our October Man of the Month; hunky model, Shubham Nāgar, thinks.
Rōmal Lāisram (aka. L Romal M Singh) caught up with him to find out more…

Mr. India Shubham Man of the Month w hat

“I was born in Ghaziābād in Uttar Pradésh — but being an air force kid — I travelled around the country, quite a bit. From Bangalore to Nāsik and Gwalior to Delhi, I traversed the country till my dad left the air force and settled in Ghaziābād,” says the absolutely gorgeous Shubham, looking resplendent in a white t-shirt and denim ensemble (which seem to have been sewn to worship every contour of his fine chiseled body).

I fail at hiding what is obviously more than a polite gaze, and he smiles when I ask him (pretty sheepishly) about ‘being an object of sexual desire of all genders’.

“It’s the 21st Century, I love any appreciation I get. Who cares what the sexual orientation of the person might be! I believe that when a person gives you a compliment — even if it means staring at you like they’ll eat you up — you shut up, accept it and say, thank you.

All attention is good attention,” he answers, before bursting into an adorable bout of laughter.

Mr. India Shugham Namaskara‘So how did modelling happen?’ I quickly cut in, saving myself some embarrassment.

“Well, my elder sister urged me to apply to the Mr. India 2015 pageant, but I couldn’t participate due to several family-related reasons. That however gave me the sense of direction, confidence and ambition that I needed. In 2016, after preparing myself mentally and physically, I auditioned for the Mr. India 2016 pageant and found myself in the Top 16 finalists.”

And what about the experience there, I add in… “It was amazing! We were mentored by Prasād Bidapā and it changed my life around. I decided that I wanted to be a model. Rohit Khandelwal  winning the Mr. World title that year, further motivated me to continue in this field. Rōhit continues to be my inspiration.”

We take a quick break, tea has been served. As I sip on my chai, I realize that the liquid in my cup isn’t necessarily the hottest or sweetest thing around (*wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge* – get it?).

Mr. India Shubham Nagar Man of the monthReady for Round 2 and convinced about my ability to not stare, (which I obviously, almost immediately, fail at) I continue: So what does being a model mean to you?

“When I walk for a designer or a brand, I am overwhelmed by the fact that I am representing his/her/their artwork. I am humbled that I get to showcase this hard work. I love the attention, or I wouldn’t be there, or here *laughs*, but initially being in front of the camera took some getting used to. Now, I love my profession and absolutely adore it. I enjoy it to my full capacity. Being a model therefore now equates to being me.”

It takes a while to appreciate the positive aura that Shubham has filled the room with. Few male models seem so amazingly content, sorted and happy with their choices.

Shubham Nagar Mr India Men of India's Man of the MonthNow that I am at ease, (and his face and sculpted body taunt me no more – I wish) I delve into a set of five quick questions. Please note, all these questions are asked staring at my notepad. It’s becoming increasingly tougher to ignore this adonis’ charms.

1) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
If I could foresee the future, I think I’d be in another industry, no? *we both break into peals of laughter*… But yes, I have real goals and therefore I’d prefer to say that I will let my actions take me where I am meant to go.

2) And if I asked you to define your style? Sexy casual, eh?
Is that what you think? Awwwwww! Well, denim is pure lust and I succumb quite easily. I have a good physique, I am aware of it… but that doesn’t mean I would want to roam the world like The Hulk. I don’t want clothes that suffocate me either. I think my style would be: clothes that fit me well and make me look good. It’s not fashion, if it doesn’t fit!

Mr India Shubham Nagar

3) Your life beyond modelling?
I’m studying Mathematics and French at Delhi University. I used to be very afraid of studying math in school and hence decided to master it. I really do believe that the most amazing things in life are found after conquering your fears.

4) One weakness?
CAKE! I blame my mother’s amazing baking talents for this. I just cannot resist her cooking.

5) And finally, your motto in life?
Don’t wait for stuff to happen to you; make it happen to you.

We wrap up our interview (and I control myself from asking him to empty a jug of water on his amazing torso), pleasantries are exchanged and he is about to leave. I suddenly realize how tall he is and then I realize that I am yet to ask him the last question.

So I ask: tell me one dark secret about yourself?

Shubham comes very close (I can hear his heartbeat), looks down at me (I’m still seated) into my eyes (I’m left transfixed) and after what seems like a whole lifetime of a pause, he says, “That’s one side of me you do not want to know *winks*; don’t make me go there.”

P.S. I’m sure, dear reader; like me, you too most definitely want to go there.

Mr India our Man of the Month Shubham

By Rōmal Lāisram

Photography: Andrew Adams

Model: Shubham Nagar

Styling: Arandeep Sonu Das.

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Men of India’s first annual Man of the Month Contest!

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Men of India’s first annual Man of the Month Contest!

Men of India is celebrating four years!
As part of the celebrations we are thrilled to be launching our very first Man of the Month contest!

Here’s your ultimate chance to be Men of India’s – Man of the Month!

Men of India's first Man of the Month Sachin

Sachin was our first Man of the Month

We are looking for fresh faces; and Men with a fit and healthy lifestyle. If you have a special creative talent you would like to showcase on Men of India even better!

Please go through the following instructions carefully:

The eligibility criteria to take part in the contest is as follows:

To enter the contest you must;

1. Follow Men of India on Instagram @menofindia (we do check.)

2. Tag #menofindia2018 and @menofindia in a recent photo.

(face must be clearly showing, No sunglasses, no other person in the photo please.)


If you have a special talent please show us in your photo, we are not only looking for pretty faces, and fit bodies, but also creative, and talented individuals to represent Men of India!

3. The applicant must be between 18 – 35 years of age as of 31st December 2017. Nationality: Born Indian National holding valid Indian passport, currently residing in India. The applicant will be required to produce their age proof (Passport, birth certificate, driver’s license, etc).

4. The applicant must identify as “Male”

5. Minimum Height 5 feet 7 inches.

Jitesh Thakur was our man of the Month in December 2014

Man of the Month Jitesh Thakur


12 Lucky winners will be selected and receive the following:

Six lucky winners will be chosen to be featured as our Man of the Month on Men of India Magazine. Each winner receive a free photo shoot and will be photographed by our Editorial Photographer for the Monthly Cover and feature story.

Six runner up winners will be selected to be featured as our Man of the Moment, to be on Men of India Magazine. Each winner receive a free photo shoot and each winner will be photographed by our Editorial Photographer for a feature in our Monthly magazine.

Men of India will be conducting photo shoots for the winners of the contest starting in November 2017.
Winners to be featured starting January 2018 in Men of India Magazine, and our Social media platforms including: Instagram, and Facebook.

John Kaippallil was our Special Onam Man of the Month!

Man of the Month John Kaipallil

Photo shoots

Photo shoots to take place in the following cities and specified dates to be announced in the future.
Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Chandigarh.
Winners must be willing to travel to one of these cities for their photo shoot and are responsible
for their own travel expenses.

There is no cost to enter the contest.
Deadline to enter the contest is November 1, 2017.
Winners will be selected and notified by December 1, 2017
Good luck to all.

Disclaimer: This contest is in no way sponsored, endorsed, administered by, or associated with, Instagram or Facebook.
By entering this contest you agree to release Instagram and Facebook with any responsibilities pertaining to this contest.



A few more of our past Man of the Month
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Man of the Month – Shyam

Say hello to Men of India’s Man of the Month for September – Ghanshyam Singh (Shyam)

We met up with him for a photo shoot recently in Mumbai and we

are pleased to bring you these beautiful images and a few words from the Man of the Month himself;

MOI: Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Where you were born, your Family?
SS: Myself Ghanshyam Singh. Born during the occasion of festival of lights , 21st oct 1992 in the dream city of Mumbai. I live with a family of six, with my parents and three other siblings, with two elder sisters and a younger brother. Now that both the sisters have been living their married life its just my parents with their beloved sons.

MOI: What/who motivated you to get into modelling?
SS: Being from a middle class family, modelling was never on my mind. As my father did work of loading that earned him not enough wages for the family. I started supporting my family from 10th std itself. I did all sorts of work from courier services to delivery agent. Due to my height and personality, people suggested me to be a bouncer in clubs and security heads for celebrities. So I have done that too; from top hotels to celebrities like Akshay Kumar, Amitabh Bachan , Juhi Chawla and so on. That’s when I realized that instead of being something for someone else I can make my life better if I channel that energy in the right path, so I started in modelling. The motivation was nothing but fear of living life for someone else and not for myself.

MOI: Who are your role models?
SS: My role models are Arjun Rampal and John Abraham. They too started in this industry from the middle class background like I did and now have reached heights due to their hard work. The same will be done by me soon.

MOI: What is a typical day for you?
SS:  I try to utilize my time wisely focusing on the things I want and the goals I have set for myself. I wake up at six in the morning, drink two glass of water, get fresh and go for morning jog. 30 – 45 mins. Then I come back home eat my first meal of the day. Its of high carbs and protein. As a gym freak and nutrition expert I never disturb my eating habits. Its five meals a day for me. Around 2pm I hit the gym and there I do some hardcore workout for 45 mins to an hour. I then attend to any appointments for some shoots or fashion shows. If not I watch motivational videos on Youtube or watch news. I never watch fashion show or modelling videos because I consider myself as a good model. I hangout less and often. If there’s some work I would go do it. If someone needs help no matter its financial or counseling or just a need I would go and help that person. If I don’t have the cash I would arrange it and help. That’s my nature. You get just one life so I try to utilize it and do some good to others when I can.  Also I love driving my bike whenever i get free time.

MOI: What is your favorite cheat meal?
SS: My favorite cheat meal is my mom’s home cooked food. Following my strict diet schedule I always make my own food to survive. So for this reason I’m not always able to enjoy the heavenly food a mother makes for his son. So yes, my mom’s handmade food is my favorite cheat meal.

MOI: What do you like to do in your downtime?

SS: I like to read. I was so weak in English during my study days, and to enter in this industry I found myself somewhat limited. I know English is not everything to survive but to go along in this world I am constantly trying to improve myself. Also I said earlier, I love to help others in need. If its in my reach and I can help someone I will do that. Not everyone knows, but I can be a lazy person, LOL! ( doesn’t seem but I am) so I try to relax whenever I can.

MOI: If you could travel to one place only where would you like to go and why?
SS: Goa! The paradise of sands and seas. I have been to Goa and other places too but just for work. Shoots, ramp shows, fashion events, etc. but never freely went out and enjoyed my time there. Goa as you know is the Las Vegas of India. It’s also one of the places with the most beautiful beaches in the world and it belongs to India. The best place to get tanned under the open sky. Its such a heavenly place to me.

MOI: What are your goals for the next five years?
SS: I want to see myself growing up prosperously with a name to remember on everyone’s lips.
A name in the Industry that means something.

MOI: Any advice to aspiring model?
SS: I would just like to say just follow your dreams, follow your passion.
Dreams do come true, when you make them your only destination.
And for that you should follow the route no matter how hard it may be.
Don’t let your passion die, you have one life to live, so live it to the fullest.

We wish you all the best Shyam!

Photography: Andrew Adams

Styling: Ashish Mois

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Follow Andrew on Instagram: Andrew Adams

Follow Ashish on Instagram: Ashish Mois

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We are having an instagram contest.

Follow @menofindia tag your pic #menofindia2018 for a chance to be featured in our Magazine!

Full contest details here;

Men of India’s first annual Man of the Month Contest!

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Man of the Moment – Vignesh

We first learned about Vignesh after seeing his Dubsmash videos.

He’s got quite the fan following and we can see why!

Charm, Charisma, and a killer smile for starters!

We were immediately hooked by his charming presence and knew he was destined for bigger and better things.

So we met up with him recently for a photo shoot in Bangalore.

We are please to see he is on his way.

Auditioning for Bigboss Kannada

Please check out his audition video and support and share;


Wishing you all the best Vignesh and hope to see you on the big screen soon.

You can follow Vignesh on Instagram here.

Photography: Andrew Adams

Styling: Romal Laisram

Men of India on Instagram

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Dare to Dream! Man of the Month Arish Ghaswala

Dare to Dream

Man of the Month Arish Ghaswala.

August is here and so is Arish!

A few words of inspiration from our Man of the Month…

MOI: Can you tell us a little about your early years?

AG: I was born and brought up in a middle class family in Bombay. I always noticed myself to be the odd one out in terms of my perspective and interest be it school or college. I always had different interests even as a kid which did at times get me laughed upon but there was one thing I never let go. I dared to dream! I don’t know why or how but I just did!

MOI: What do you believe for sure?

AG: My work ethic was always 100% from day one at the gym. There was no stage of doing anything half assed. Whether it came to my diet, training or anything else. I believe, if you do something, you do it all the way! or don’t do it at all!

MOI: What inspired you to get into fitness?

AG: My first steps into fitness were during my last year of high school. I was dealing with a few things back then and the gym gave me the exact release I needed. Before I knew it , my body began showing me what it was capable of! That’s when, two years into it, I realised I had to take things to the next level and get certified myself and I did so right after my graduation! I always say knowledge is power!

MOI: Can you tell us about some of your achievements so far in your fitness career?

AG: I began taking my training very seriously. I kinda knew this was my calling and I had to give it my all! Three years into a 100% training and nutrition program, I made my debut on the Muscle Mania India stage in Mumbai, in the Physique division. Later I went on to play Navodit Mumbai Shree and Body Power Fit Factor India 2017 in which I managed to place in the Top 15 Men’s Physique Athletes all over India! I myself was shocked for a moment.

Soon after I began getting offers online for Brand Representations, Ambassadorships, Shoots, Training, Diets etc.

MOI: What are you up to these days?

AG: I currently work as a Freelance Fitness Professional, Competitive Athlete and also do some commercial modelling. I am also currently in Brand Ambassadorship with Gen X Sports Nutrition.

MOI: What advice can you give to someone starting their fitness journey?

AG: The only message I can give out today is believe In Your dreams! They really aren’t all that difficult if you believe in them and give it one hundred percent. Set out small goals and smash them. Way too many people do not even start out fearing failure! They are happy with mediocrity and that is the problem! I agree not everyday is gonna be perfect. There are ups and downs. But we have to suck it up and deal with it.

Connect with Arish on Instagram  @arishghaswala.

Photography: Andrew Adams

Hair, Make-up and Styling: Ashish Moi

Follow Men of India on Instagram @menofindia

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Fitness Model Yuva

Man of the Moment – Fitness Model Yuva

What motivated you to get into fitness?

I have been always short and skinny since childhood. I used to feel inferior. To overcome this and to look better, I started going to gym.

How did you stay motivated?

I noticed a big improvement in my body and confidence. The gains became an addiction and this passion of mine turned into my profession.

What are you doing now?

I have quit my high paying job to pursue my career in fitness modelling.

Now I’m a full time fitness model, athlete and a trainer. I also own a sports nutrition shop in the heart of bangalore.

What are your goals?

My goal is to inspire people follow below three things;
1. Do what you like
2. Never give up
3. Be consistent

Any tips for inspiring fitness enthusiasts?

One valuable tip I can give is spend little time every day to do something towards achieving your dream and make sure you never give up,


Sounds like good advice!

All the best Yuva!

You can follow Yuva;

Instagram: @Yuvaprakash_official

Facebook: Yuvaprakashofficial

Photography: Andrew Adams.

Follow Men of India on Instagram: @menofindia

Fitness Model Yuva Prakash from Bangalore

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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Crouching tiger, hidden dragon

By Bharat Gupta.

Body builder, trainer and fitness model, Aftab Shaikh is our Man of the Month.

Agile, muscular, powerful yet cautious, aware and territorial, this July we unleash the man who is the Indian Tiger who has a fire of motivation burning within, that of a hidden dragon. Our Man of the Month Aftab Shaikh is everything a man must be, physically strong but soft at heart. In conversation with Bharat Gupta, the three things that stand out about Aftab are passion, humility and gratitude. Read to find out more about the man of the hour.


How did fitness turn from passion to profession for you?

I watched this movie “300” I think in 2008. Watching Gerald Butler on screen, I knew I had to make a body like that. This was the turning point. I started working out in the gym in 2009 and seeing a positive change in my health and body, I got hooked on. Soon after, I took part in a body building competition and stood third additionally winning the title of the best poser. It has now been over seven to eight years and motivating people to follow a healthy lifestyle has become a part of me. During this period, I’ve participated in multiple competitions, expos and photo shoots.

Who has been your biggest inspiration?

My Guru, Manish Advilkar has been my strongest influence. I look up to him like God, he is truly like my Godfather. Whatever I know today – the knowledge, the training…just everything has been taught to me by him.

To stay in shape all the time is quite a task. What lifestyle changes have you made to maintain your physique?

It is a complete lifestyle choice – no smoking, no drinking and no partying for me. If I know I will be out of the house for long, I carry my meals with me. There are plenty of healthy food options irrespective if you’re vegetarian or non – vegetarian.

How did fitness modeling happen to you? Do you enjoy it as much as working out?

I’m a body builder and a fitness trainer. So over a period of time, I started getting offers for print advertisements. With fitness modeling, you get an opportunity to work with different photographers who create a new look for you every time. So I enjoy this journey of being a part of new concepts and molding the body creatively for innovative looks.

How does it feel to be the “Man of the Month” this July and being shot by Andrew Adams?

I’ve always admired the “Men of India” because they showcase different types of Indian aesthetics. They truly bring out our culture and diversity. In the past I’ve worked with photographers who’ve always given me a very international look. But this was an amazing experience where Andrew Sir captured my Indian-ness. Being a foreigner, its inspiring to see how well he brings out the essence of India through his photography. This is the first time I was a part of such a theme, I loved the styling by Bharat of The Styling Co. who innovatively draped traditional fabrics and used jewellery as well. It’s beautiful how our culture is brought out, how there is no discrimination on the basis of color or caste, I really enjoyed the experience.

Photography: Andrew Adams

Follow Andrew on Instagram.

Styling: Bharat Gupta for The Styling Co.

Follow Bharat on Instagram.

Follow Aftab on Instagram.

Follow us on instagram

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The Radiance of Rohan!


Imagine a 20 ft X 10 ft billboard hanging right outside your
bedroom window. Imagine a 5-foot-7-inch tall guy on that
billboard, looking directly into eyes. Imagine him with a
rainbow colored dotted condom in his hand, asking you to play
safe. This is something our Man of the Moment, imagines and hopes and
prays will be a reality someday.

Giving words to his imagination and flesh to yours, Men Of India brings you

“The radiance of Rohan Pujari.”
Sharp eyes, shaped beard, shy Adam’s apple, strong arms and his
slim toned body outline meet our eyes first. But in this world
where signing petitions is the only form of protesting for some,
meet a man who is a full-time activist. Rohan works as an
internet outreach representative for The Humsafar Trust in
Mumbai, telling gay boys on dating sites to play it safe, and
where to go when they don’t. He is also active when LGBT folks
are faced with bullying and blackmailing.
An out-and-about gay man, who also became the first runner-up at
Mr. Gay India 2017, Rohan, has his struggles too, an aspiring
model looking for good work, a son wanting to be understood by
his orthodox loving parents and a queer individual fighting to
pull down section 377. And he strongly believes he is going to
achieve it all!

If your mind is still stuck at the mention of
his parents and if you must know, he is out to them but is still
helping his parents understand that a man with masculine traits
can be gay too. And once a gay man is always a gay man (well,
doesn’t hold true for everyone but for the majority).
Being closeted is tough, but being out and not understood is
tougher. We know nothing is easy in life but for some queer
folks hardships are kind of forever. When being inclined towards
people of the same sex is a natural thing, then why take pride
in being something that doesn’t make one special?
Because all our lives we are made to feel ashamed for being
whoever we are. We take Pride in surviving our true selves and
not leating embarrassment kill it. The only way hatred can go, is by
love. And we must take pride in the fact that we are able to

Happy Pride to all the lovers of Men Of India.

And Rohan Pujari, more power to you.

We hope your billboard dreams come true!

For more info on the Humsafar Trust;

Visit their website.

Follow Rohan on Instagram.

Cover Photo: Andrew Adams

Hair Make-up, Stylig: Ashu Mois


Photo: Andrew Adams

Photo: Jagtar Ubhi

Photo: Jagtar Ubhi

IMG_0610 IMG_0611 IMG_0612 IMG_0605 IMG_0614

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May Man of the Month – Honey

It’s May and the summer season is in full gear in India.

Today we have something to sweeten your summer.

Featuring Delhi model Honey on the cover wearing the tradition Indian Langot.

Photographed by: Andrew Adams

Styled by: Arandeep Sonu Das



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New Delhi to New York with Fashion Blogger Aditya!

New Delhi to New York with Fashion Blogger Aditya!

Aditya is a New York based dancer and up and coming fashion blogger! We recently caught up with him for Lunch at Lodi gardens in Delhi followed by this fun photo session.

He likes to combine his eastern cultural background with his Western, casual street style.

Check out his blog for some inspiring tips for the Modern Metro Man;

Photo: Andrew Adams

Photo: Andrew Adams

Photo: Andrew Adams

Photo: Andrew Adams

Photo: Shravya Kag

Photo: Shravya Kag

Photo: Aparna Nair

Photo: Aparna Nair

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Hello 2017!

Say hello to Vishnu! Our first Man of the Month for 2017!

Vishnu is an aspiring fitness model from Kerala!

This was his first photo shoot!

What could be better after a long workout than soaking up some rays on the beach?

We think he has great potential, dont you?

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Freelance writers needed

Men of India is expanding!

We are looking for creative freelance writers to join our editorial team.

Applicants should be enthusiastic about Indian Culture, the Arts, Men’s Fashion, and Fitness.

You should be able to work with deadlines, and have good communication skills.

Please submit your CV via email to

Good luck!





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2016 Men of India Calendar – The Vintage Collection

2016 Men of India Calendar. The Vintage Collection.
Men of India is thrilled to announce our very first printed Calendar. It will be elegantly printed on high quality, fine art paper and will make a perfect gift for that special someone in your life!

Pre-order yours today!

Just sign up for our mailing list below and we will get back to you when the Calendar is ready to ship.

Subscribe to our mailing list

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The 2016 Men of India Calendar will be delivered in Mid December.




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Happy Holi!

The Holi festival celebrates the victory of good over evil.  Holi got its name as the Festival of Color from Lord Krishna, a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, who liked to play pranks on the village girls by drenching them in water and colors. We had good fun doing this shoot, we hope you all enjoy a safe and festive Holi!

holi-Holi-IMG_8529 Holi-IMG_8537-2-2holi-Phijo-IMG_8565

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The Man in the Mirror – A Pictorial study on Male Vanity.

“If there is a single quality that is shared by all great men, it is vanity. But I mean by ‘vanity’ only that they appreciate their own worth. Without this kind of vanity they would not be great. And with vanity alone, of course, a man is nothing.”

-Yousef Karsh –

Here is the third and final shoot from our series in Kolkata. The Man in the Mirror – A Pictorial study on Male Vanity. Shot on site at our Stylist’s Kiro’s beautiful Men’s Boutique showroom. 100 park St.

Photography: Andrew Adams

Model: Arnab Biswas

Styling: Kiro Chowdhury

Make-up and Hair – Bony Chakraborty

Man in The Mirror, Male Vanity Model Arnab

Arnab-IMG_9493x2 Arnab-IMG_9521 In case you missed the first two editorial Shoots of Arnab – last week we featured Arnab – The Artisan in an editorial spread we shot in Kumortuli (a potters’ quarter in northern Kolkata.) where hindu Gods are made,  and prior to that was his editorial Cover shoot in a beautiful Old British Era cemetery.

*Yousef Karsh is an Iconic Armenian Born Canadian Portrait Photographer, Famous for his black and white portraits of World leaders, Celebrities, and Celebrated Artists, He was also an early inspiration of our own Photographer Andrew Adams. To see more of his work please visit

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Man of The Year 2014

Men of India, featured model Ben cover

Men of India’s Man of the Year 2014! We asked our readers on our facebook page to vote for your favorite Man of the Month. The votes are in, and it’s quite clear that Ben was our most popular model! Congratulations Ben, we wish you continued success and will be following your career! All the best! And a big thank you to all our Models!

If you would like to see more pics from our editorial shoots with Ben in Mumbai click here.


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Love and Let Love!

We are celebrating Proud Indian Men this month at Men of India.  If you have not seen our featured Man of the Month Shazad. You can read about his inspiring work in the South Asian LGBT community here.

This weekend Toronto is hosting the World Pride event and Human Rights Conference. While it is a time to celebrate freedom for some, for many other LGBT men and women are not granted the same rights. As many of you know in India this year they passed a law that criminalises any sexual behaviour against the”Order of Nature” , Bill 377.  An archaic law from the British Rule Era, set back in 1861. A lot has changed since then in society. We believe two consenting adults should be free to express their love for each other and be who they really are and love and be with whom ever they want, and enjoy the same rights as the rest of society,  Government institutions have no business in these private matters, Don’t you agree? If so we urge you to sign a petition to the Indian government to remove Section 377 through a legislative process to give LGBT in India their right to privacy, equality and dignity. Please sign the petition!

We leave you with some beautiful photos taken recently in Toronto.  Munir is from Bangladesh, Jesus is from Venezuela. They have both come to Canada to live a happy, free life! We wish them well, and we hope and pray that these same rights will be granted to LGBT Men and women in India and all over the world soon! Remember, you are not alone!

Please also watch the beautiful video below produced for the United Nations free and equal Campaign.

Munirandjesus-IMG_0805Munirandjesus-IMG_0686 Munirandjesus-IMG_0690 Munirandjesus-IMG_0895


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We salute you!

This month Men of India is celebrating Proud Indian Men who make a difference in their Communities.

Sunil Menon has been a trail blazer when it comes to fighting for equality within the LGBT community in India. He is also an accomplished Fashion Choreographer and Stylist.

A Kerala native, now based in Chennai.  Sunil started working with Bollywood Actress Achla Sachdev (a great Mentor to him early in his career) He later moved on to work with one of India’s top fashion Guru’s Prasad Bidapa, and soon after went off on his own. He has now trained many models for beauty pageants, and fashion shows. Many have gone on to win prominent titles. He has also styled several photo shoots, including a few for us here at Men of India!

But it is his work within the South Asian LGBT community that we are most proud of!

In 1998 Sunil Founded  Sahodaran.  A non-profit voluntary based community organization in Chennai. Sahodaran‘s work was acknowledged by UNAIDS India in 2006 through a red ribbon award in the “best civil society organization” Category. Sunil was the first to present a paper at the International AIDS conference in Berlin 1993 – HIV risk amongst MSM in Chennai. He then went on to present his research papers at International conferences at Copenhagen, Geneva, Kuala Lumpur, Barcelona, Washington, and San Francisco.

Sunil also produces a beautiful Men’s Calendar each year with all profits going to Sahodaran. If you would like to learn more about Sahodaran and the work they are doing in South India please visit their website. or connect on Facebook.

Below are a few photos Sunil has styled for shoots for Men of India.


Photo shoot for Men of India in Fort Kochi, with Model Sayanth.


Photo shoot with Model Raj in Chennai for Men of India

Photo shoot in Athirappilly, Kerala for Men of India. Model: Rosshan

Photo shoot in Athirappilly, Kerala for Men of India. Model: Rosshan


Photo shoot for Men of India in Kovalam, Kerala

Men of India is also interested in featuring other role models who work behind the scenes or in the field of Social Causes, Fashion, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Fitness, and Men’s health. If you or someone you know might like to be featured on our site. Please do send us a message. We would love to hear from you!







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10 000 Likes


Thanks to all our followers, fans, and friends, Men of India have hit a milestone today!

Ten Thousand likes on Facebook! We are so honored to have such loyal fans!

If your not connected with us You can find our facebook page here.


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