Say Hello to Aswin. Men of India’s December Man of The Month.

It was his first photo shoot. He soon warmed up quite nicely to the camera. A nice afternoon out in the lush beautiful Kerala Landscape. Followed by a late afternoon rain shower, and some dramatically light portraits all made for some excellent photo opportunities for Aswins first big shoot!

Here’s a few words from the man himself;

It was an unexpected entry for me into the world of fashion.   I was very keen to know about new fashion techniques and ways.  I was able to make it real, and a part of my order at the very young age of 20.  I am very comfortable in looking after my body, and my diet. I am an athlete, and I have won many medals in state and national competitions.  Although I have faced lot of difficult circumstances.  I have learned hard work and perseverance do pay off! I am also doing my BA in economics – first year of S.B college in Kerala.  The ship that never sinks that is my friends are great support and my family, and coach, who keeps on motivating me. I need to study more about this and will do my best to be the best!

To be selected as The December Man of The Month for Men of India is only because of the Man behind me that is Andrew Adams, he is the most amazing photographer I have seen ever, and I want to thank him for giving me this great opportunity!

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