Bharat – Men of India’s Man of the Month!
Photographed by Andrew Adams.

Bharat-IMG_2555Much like his home city – Bharat Sainani is deeply rooted in culture, an ethos and a traditional way of viewing life. Much like the burning sand of the Thar-by-day, Bharat smoulders with his untameable good looks; and just like the Thar-by-night, Bharat is calm and evens out with his composed demeanour.
‘They don’t make men like this anymore’, we’ve heard ever-so-often and this 23-year-old model proves them oh-so-wonderfully wrong.
“I was always interested in modelling,” Bharat tells us as we begin our conversation on a warm monsoon evening. “I was very influenced by Arjun Rampal during his modelling days and my teachers and friends supported me enough to make me make my debut on the ramp,” he adds.
The clouds have just emptied themselves on parched earth, and much like the urgency to devour the fresh water – Bharat exhibits an urgency to achieve something and create a niche for himself.
“I’d always wanted to be a model, but ultimately I do want to be an actor,” Bharat confesses.
Bharat-IMG_2508“I’m not a professional as yet, but I do know that I have what it takes to be a supermodel,” Bharat indulges himself as a smile bursts across his rugged face. “I think a model needs to have a great face, good height, a great body, a great level of intelligence, humility and an amazing sense of fashion. I have all of these things and I am quite confident about these capabilities,” Bharat explains.

We sip the chai that makes for perfect evening company… the last remnants of the day’s heat buries under the cool blanket of freshly rain-soaked earth. The humidity of the situation is almost palpable.
“I’ve learnt to pace myself well and hence I am in no hurry,” he suddenly says, breaking an eerie silence. “I earn a good living working as a software Engineer, but I hope to earn a living through modelling and acting, someday.”
“I’m not really attracted to outward beauty,” he continues… “It’s a thirst for perfection and a solid intellect that drives me crazy. The day I find someone like that, you can be sure, I’ll be floored,” he concludes.
Bharat-IMG_2557Rajasthan is a land of princes, wandering minstrels, fairy-tale romances and a million rags-to-riches stories. Bharat Sainani’s might be just one of them, but as he smiles and the room lights up around him… you know this Jaipuri boy will go places.
For now, however, we make do with the beautiful evening, the setting sun, the inching cold of the night and the promise of some of his renowned-special-recipe-handi-chicken. He’s a good cook too; like the good looks, great character and sexy body weren’t enough!

Rōmal Lāisram

Wardrobe provided by Rohit Kamra.





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