We are celebrating Proud Indian Men this month at Men of India.  If you have not seen our featured Man of the Month Shazad. You can read about his inspiring work in the South Asian LGBT community here.

This weekend Toronto is hosting the World Pride event and Human Rights Conference. While it is a time to celebrate freedom for some, for many other LGBT men and women are not granted the same rights. As many of you know in India this year they passed a law that criminalises any sexual behaviour against the”Order of Nature” , Bill 377.  An archaic law from the British Rule Era, set back in 1861. A lot has changed since then in society. We believe two consenting adults should be free to express their love for each other and be who they really are and love and be with whom ever they want, and enjoy the same rights as the rest of society,  Government institutions have no business in these private matters, Don’t you agree? If so we urge you to sign a petition to the Indian government to remove Section 377 through a legislative process to give LGBT in India their right to privacy, equality and dignity. Please sign the petition!

We leave you with some beautiful photos taken recently in Toronto.  Munir is from Bangladesh, Jesus is from Venezuela. They have both come to Canada to live a happy, free life! We wish them well, and we hope and pray that these same rights will be granted to LGBT Men and women in India and all over the world soon! Remember, you are not alone!

Please also watch the beautiful video below produced for the United Nations free and equal Campaign.

Munirandjesus-IMG_0805Munirandjesus-IMG_0686 Munirandjesus-IMG_0690 Munirandjesus-IMG_0895


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