At least that’s what our October Man of the Month; hunky model, Shubham Nāgar, thinks.
Rōmal Lāisram (aka. L Romal M Singh) caught up with him to find out more…

Mr. India Shubham Man of the Month w hat

“I was born in Ghaziābād in Uttar Pradésh — but being an air force kid — I travelled around the country, quite a bit. From Bangalore to Nāsik and Gwalior to Delhi, I traversed the country till my dad left the air force and settled in Ghaziābād,” says the absolutely gorgeous Shubham, looking resplendent in a white t-shirt and denim ensemble (which seem to have been sewn to worship every contour of his fine chiseled body).

I fail at hiding what is obviously more than a polite gaze, and he smiles when I ask him (pretty sheepishly) about ‘being an object of sexual desire of all genders’.

“It’s the 21st Century, I love any appreciation I get. Who cares what the sexual orientation of the person might be! I believe that when a person gives you a compliment — even if it means staring at you like they’ll eat you up — you shut up, accept it and say, thank you.

All attention is good attention,” he answers, before bursting into an adorable bout of laughter.

Mr. India Shugham Namaskara‘So how did modelling happen?’ I quickly cut in, saving myself some embarrassment.

“Well, my elder sister urged me to apply to the Mr. India 2015 pageant, but I couldn’t participate due to several family-related reasons. That however gave me the sense of direction, confidence and ambition that I needed. In 2016, after preparing myself mentally and physically, I auditioned for the Mr. India 2016 pageant and found myself in the Top 16 finalists.”

And what about the experience there, I add in… “It was amazing! We were mentored by Prasād Bidapā and it changed my life around. I decided that I wanted to be a model. Rohit Khandelwal  winning the Mr. World title that year, further motivated me to continue in this field. Rōhit continues to be my inspiration.”

We take a quick break, tea has been served. As I sip on my chai, I realize that the liquid in my cup isn’t necessarily the hottest or sweetest thing around (*wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge* – get it?).

Mr. India Shubham Nagar Man of the monthReady for Round 2 and convinced about my ability to not stare, (which I obviously, almost immediately, fail at) I continue: So what does being a model mean to you?

“When I walk for a designer or a brand, I am overwhelmed by the fact that I am representing his/her/their artwork. I am humbled that I get to showcase this hard work. I love the attention, or I wouldn’t be there, or here *laughs*, but initially being in front of the camera took some getting used to. Now, I love my profession and absolutely adore it. I enjoy it to my full capacity. Being a model therefore now equates to being me.”

It takes a while to appreciate the positive aura that Shubham has filled the room with. Few male models seem so amazingly content, sorted and happy with their choices.

Shubham Nagar Mr India Men of India's Man of the MonthNow that I am at ease, (and his face and sculpted body taunt me no more – I wish) I delve into a set of five quick questions. Please note, all these questions are asked staring at my notepad. It’s becoming increasingly tougher to ignore this adonis’ charms.

1) Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
If I could foresee the future, I think I’d be in another industry, no? *we both break into peals of laughter*… But yes, I have real goals and therefore I’d prefer to say that I will let my actions take me where I am meant to go.

2) And if I asked you to define your style? Sexy casual, eh?
Is that what you think? Awwwwww! Well, denim is pure lust and I succumb quite easily. I have a good physique, I am aware of it… but that doesn’t mean I would want to roam the world like The Hulk. I don’t want clothes that suffocate me either. I think my style would be: clothes that fit me well and make me look good. It’s not fashion, if it doesn’t fit!

Mr India Shubham Nagar

3) Your life beyond modelling?
I’m studying Mathematics and French at Delhi University. I used to be very afraid of studying math in school and hence decided to master it. I really do believe that the most amazing things in life are found after conquering your fears.

4) One weakness?
CAKE! I blame my mother’s amazing baking talents for this. I just cannot resist her cooking.

5) And finally, your motto in life?
Don’t wait for stuff to happen to you; make it happen to you.

We wrap up our interview (and I control myself from asking him to empty a jug of water on his amazing torso), pleasantries are exchanged and he is about to leave. I suddenly realize how tall he is and then I realize that I am yet to ask him the last question.

So I ask: tell me one dark secret about yourself?

Shubham comes very close (I can hear his heartbeat), looks down at me (I’m still seated) into my eyes (I’m left transfixed) and after what seems like a whole lifetime of a pause, he says, “That’s one side of me you do not want to know *winks*; don’t make me go there.”

P.S. I’m sure, dear reader; like me, you too most definitely want to go there.

Mr India our Man of the Month Shubham

By Rōmal Lāisram

Photography: Andrew Adams

Model: Shubham Nagar

Styling: Arandeep Sonu Das.

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