At just 22 Vrushankh has already attained excellence in Dance – Contemporary, Jazz & Ballet. His latest performance as the charming protagonist in “Urvashi”  premiered last month in Mumbai to rave reviews, and will be staging again in February in Mumbai and across India later in 2018.

Rōmal Lāisram recently sat down with Vrushankh to chat about Dance, what drives him,  turns him on, and a few of favorite things…..


By Rōmal Lāisram.

It’s not very often that one gets to meet someone who is good-looking,  and immensely talented. I had the pleasure of being in conversation with Men of India’s Man of the Month, Vrushankh Raghatate, and here are a quick five questions that he answered:

Where are you from and why modelling?
I was born and raised in Nagpur and for most of my childhood I often considered myself to be an ugly duckling of sorts. I guess everybody wants to be a model, but not many actually pursue it. I don’t consider myself a model, really. I am a dancer. I am more inspired by fitness athletes.

What are you driven by and what do you want to do in life?
I’m driven to bring about a social change through my work. I see myself being dedicated to help people become more accepting. I see myself as a producer, director, dancer, model… all of it! I do not want to limit myself by dreaming of only fulfilling one role in life.

Do you have a motto in life?
Yes, my motto is very simple. To accept and let things be. To accept people as they are and work the best from the situations at hand. I never really chose dance, I wanted to be an astronaut – I’m not kidding. I didn’t have the aptitude for it, and so I let go and focused on the next best thing – dance. I watched a lot of dance shows and realized this was something that worked for me and well, here I am.

What attracts you to another person?
Honestly, a person’s legs. For a very weird reason though. Only someone who has worked hard and with dedication can have good thighs and calves! It shows me that they’re rooted and that they are not here to quit very easily! And that is absolutely irresistible.

What are you doing right now, beyond modelling?
I am producing an artistic contemporary production which has already been staged, called Astitva. I have written and directed another aerial production. I will be performing as the male protagonist in a play called Urvashi. I am choreographing for multiple productions and I am experimenting with cinematography and writing and producing a few songs – that’s all ??

Vrushankh reveals…

Favourite Place in India: Himachal Pradesh
Favourite Holiday Destination: Kerala, India
Personal Fashion Style: Casual; the lesser the better
Favourite Food: Pani Puri, Indian Street Snack
One Naughty Secret: I’m very very very adventurous.

Photography: Andrew Adams for Men of India.

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