We are please to present to you our latest Man of the Month, Bhumanyu from Bangalore….

First I need to tell loads of thanks to Andrew Adams for shooting me. Its a great pleasure to get shot by one of the top photographers. Now here I am as “‘Men Of India’s Man of The Month. Let me introduce myself. I am Bhumanyu, 22 years old and 5’11 ft tall. In profession I am a fashion model and a personal fitness trainer. Being fit is everything to me and I love to make people fit too. So there I choose to be a personal trainer. Its been almost 4 years I have been modelling. I started modelling in my college as a freelance when I was 18. I was not much concentrated on it as I had to focus on my studies too. It’s been a year and I am totally into it now. If you ask me why I chose this, I would say it just happened.  I was in Bangalore when I started to freelance but never used to see myself going up except a few photo shoots, because for runway usually minimum height 6+ is preferred.

For a time I felt its not happening with me until I met the person who is himself known as Fashion Guru of India, Prasad Bidapa. I can proudly say he is the best mentor one can ever have.  I always love to work with him. Once I came to him, things started changing. He guided me so well about the things around, introduced to so many professionals and then fame started following me. I also got into top 40 finalists in Mr India 2015 , that was really a great step, as I felt it was a really tough competition. Now all I need to do is work hard to reach the peak of the pyramid. I would like to thank the “Men Of India” team and for giving me this opportunity.

Bhumanyu is represented by: Prasad Bidapa Model Management

Photography: Andrew Adams

Styling: Tsohil Bhatia

Lungi’s Provided by: Arup Nanjappa (Lungi’s with a twist)

Cover Design: Hiren Chandarana

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Bhumanyu at Mr India 2015

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