By L Romal M Singh

“I think I am most drawn to people with a sense of humility. Whatever one might have achieved – if they choose to not show-off about it – they’re the kind of people that inspire me,” says 22-year-old model and actor Nithin from Shimoga in North-West Karnataka.

Nithin is not your atypical Indian model. At an impressive 6’2” and with a physique that few other male models can match, Nithin was inspired to build his body thanks to Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan. “I grew up watching a lot of TV. Shimoga is quiet town and most of us turn to outdoor sports. The climate is beautiful and so cricket and other outdoor games like volleyball are very popular,” shares Nithin.

“I wanted to be a cricketer when I was around 16, but somehow that didn’t transpire, and I moved to Bangalore instead,” reveals Nithin. Once in Bangalore, Nithin continued to pursue a bachelor’s degree in science, however, spending most of his time developing his physique.

Nithin-DSCF6396“My goals seem to have changed as I changed my film-inspired dreams. From wanting to be a cricketer, to then wanting to be an army man, to then finally zeroing down on wanting to be an actor, I went through several extremely-motivated phases in life,” explains Nithin. “I think I finally settled on wanting to become an actor, as this was the only career that would allow me to be all of the people I had ever dreamt of being.”

“I used to wait for audition calls and go to as many as I could and luck favoured me in early 2014 when I finally managed to bag a small role in a Kannada teleserial,” admits Nithin. Nithin’s small role in Mahaparva was just the beginning of his career and more recently, he has bagged another small role in TS Nagabharana’s Allama, an epic based on the life of the 12th-century mystic-saint and Vachana poet, Allama Prabhu.

Nithin-DSCF6338-2.2Allama is very special to me,  as the saint lived and taught in my home district of Shimoga. The role might have been small, but it is a very special role for me,” confesses Nithin. Working with TS Nagabharana has also allowed Nithin to make a foray into theatre. “I always wanted to begin my career in acting after an experience in theatre. It didn’t work that way, but it’s never too late. I am now training with Nagabharana sir’s troupe and I am convinced that this will only make me a better actor.”

Nithin likes to sketch superheroes and loves comics; and in his spare time, he is usually found with a pen, busy cartooning lecturers and other personalities he finds amusing. While outside, there’s nothing more comfortable than a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt; at home he’s most comfortable in pajamas and minimal vests.

“I hope to be an action-oriented hero in Sandalwood someday and I know I have the patience to wait till that big break happens. I believe my love for simplicity and my belief in humility will take me to where I deserve to be,” concludes Nithin.

– L Romal M Singh.




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