Imagine a 20 ft X 10 ft billboard hanging right outside your
bedroom window. Imagine a 5-foot-7-inch tall guy on that
billboard, looking directly into eyes. Imagine him with a
rainbow colored dotted condom in his hand, asking you to play
safe. This is something our Man of the Moment, imagines and hopes and
prays will be a reality someday.

Giving words to his imagination and flesh to yours, Men Of India brings you

“The radiance of Rohan Pujari.”
Sharp eyes, shaped beard, shy Adam’s apple, strong arms and his
slim toned body outline meet our eyes first. But in this world
where signing petitions is the only form of protesting for some,
meet a man who is a full-time activist. Rohan works as an
internet outreach representative for The Humsafar Trust in
Mumbai, telling gay boys on dating sites to play it safe, and
where to go when they don’t. He is also active when LGBT folks
are faced with bullying and blackmailing.
An out-and-about gay man, who also became the first runner-up at
Mr. Gay India 2017, Rohan, has his struggles too, an aspiring
model looking for good work, a son wanting to be understood by
his orthodox loving parents and a queer individual fighting to
pull down section 377. And he strongly believes he is going to
achieve it all!

If your mind is still stuck at the mention of
his parents and if you must know, he is out to them but is still
helping his parents understand that a man with masculine traits
can be gay too. And once a gay man is always a gay man (well,
doesn’t hold true for everyone but for the majority).
Being closeted is tough, but being out and not understood is
tougher. We know nothing is easy in life but for some queer
folks hardships are kind of forever. When being inclined towards
people of the same sex is a natural thing, then why take pride
in being something that doesn’t make one special?
Because all our lives we are made to feel ashamed for being
whoever we are. We take Pride in surviving our true selves and
not leating embarrassment kill it. The only way hatred can go, is by
love. And we must take pride in the fact that we are able to

Happy Pride to all the lovers of Men Of India.

And Rohan Pujari, more power to you.

We hope your billboard dreams come true!

For more info on the Humsafar Trust;

Visit their website.

Follow Rohan on Instagram.

Cover Photo: Andrew Adams

Hair Make-up, Stylig: Ashu Mois


Photo: Andrew Adams

Photo: Jagtar Ubhi

Photo: Jagtar Ubhi

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